✍️Current roadmap plan

Our current roadmap with the planned contribution efforts for the coming months

The Web3 Association is focussed on providing support to existing teams that are building out their own treasury systems and processes. Two main areas of focus are the facilitation of experiments across the industry and by creating and improving our education resources to better document and share any insightful learnings made whilst researching and analysing what is happening across different ecosystems.

Our main current suggestion for experimentation is the adoption of an open source contributor funding process. You can find out more about that here:

We’re particularly interested in supporting experiments that are focused on funding contributors in their ecosystems to work on impactful initiatives. Open source contributors is one of those suggested funding processes.

Beyond contributor funding processes we are also interested in supporting other forms of treasury experimentation. Reach out to us using any of our contact details if there is anything we can help with.

A number of educational resources have already been created:

We intend to continue updating these resources with further improvements and any new learnings as we work more with different ecosystems. Any learnings that are generated from completed experiments will be documented and shared across the industry.

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