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Overview information about the Web3 Association
Fix the incentives through the evolution of treasuries.
🎯 Focus
Our focus is to support existing teams across Web3 ecosystems with improving their treasury systems. We achieve this through the creation and continued improvement of educational resources that help provide insights and actionable information for teams to use when improving their own treasury systems. The Web3 Association is looking to create the industry preferred destination to learn about Web3 treasuries. We're looking to nurture and grow a collaborative effort to bring people together from across the industry to more effectively share knowledge about how treasuries can be approached to more effectively generate impact.
💡 Approach
Our core contribution outcome will be the creation of educational resources about treasury systems that provide insightful and actionable information for teams to use when improving their own treasury systems across Web3. A shared learning approach is being adopted that will focus on increasing the amount of collaboration and shared learnings for the benefit of all teams building solutions. Creating educational resources will mean identifying one focus area at a time, inviting collaborators to participate, conducting research and analysis and then making suggestions based upon those findings. Educational resources and content is a core focus for our contribution efforts. Over a longer time horizon there should also be opportunities for us to generate more impact for treasury systems by helping create open source software and supporting any standardisation efforts.
🗺️ Roadmap
Our current roadmap plan is documented and updated as this changes over time. The other potential areas of focus are also listed to give a better idea of the areas of work that could be suitable in the future.
List of the core contributors involved in the Web3 Association initiative with any contribution history logs.
Funding received
Any funding received is detailed here and how it has been allocated. Funding currently is either used for core contribution efforts or supports community incentives.
All of the online profiles for Web3 Association and some contact information
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