December 2023

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  • Contribution approaches - Exploring the different approaches for enabling contributors to submit information into a disbursement process.

  • Voter preferences & opinions - Understanding the importance of enabling voters to express their preferences and opinions at all times throughout disbursement.

  • Contributor vs voter idea selection - A comparison looking at the differences between having contributors or voters handle idea selection.

  • Voter outcome influence - Looking at how the amount of influence a voter has on the outcome can change depending on the requirements and needs of the decision being made.

  • Contribution verification approaches - Exploring how the efforts made by contributors could be verified to ensure that the outcomes generated are as intended.

  • Incentive approaches - Exploring how and where the incentives could be attached in disbursement and the implications and trade offs of these different approaches.

  • Updates to all resources - Fixed a number of typos and made wording and structure improvements.

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